nopMobile App- A perfect companion for your nopCommerce store.

Run your business on the go!

Are you a business person? If yes, then you know how powerful an app can be if it allows you increasing view and control over your business process, any place, any time. nopMobile App + Plugin offers a certain leverage to online store owners, marketers and managers through which they can get a well synchronized overview of their orders, customers, and inventories.  

Why choose nopMobile App + Plugin?

Tired of mismanagement? You’re at the right place where we offer you all the ease to keep an eye on your business growth via multi stage reports. Now you can receive real-time order updates, view customers, manage products and orders from your mobile.

Who should Install?

For Store Owners – nopMobile Apphas its own story as it was created especially with store owners in mind and overcoming their typical constraints. Unable connect to your laptop or computer? Get all the information on your Mobile devices.

nopMobile App + Plugin offers:
  • Quick overview of daily, weekly, and monthly insightswith instant sale notifications.
  • Manage all your stores on one app. Switch between stores easily.
  • Edit and manage product catalogues.
  • Check real time info by configuring your Google Analytics. 
  • Track and filter your orders by order and payment status. 
  • Keep an eye on bestselling products and active customers. 

For Marketers

What does a marketer usually think?  “Why did that one page perform so well?” or “why isn’t that one getting any hits?” What are the sales trends on products? Seasonality?

Here, we provide you a perfect platform which will enable you to keep an easy check on performance and customers. 

  • Browse Multi-stage Reports.
  • Complete overview of products.
  • Manage On-Page SEO.
  • Get customer information. 

For Managers-

Make your job easier and save precious time, usually spent micro managing details of products and orders. 

  • Track and filter orders by order and payment status.
  • Easily handle multiple store setup.
  • Ease in Configuring Google Analytics.
  • Manage On-Page SEO.
  • Suggest your marketers after seeing the store insight.

Sounds interesting?

nopCommerce application is increasingly becoming an independent tool, and a must have for your nopCommerce store and it is directed at increasing your sales and bottom-line. The coming year is expected to bring many new e-commerce mobile applications that will change radically how e-commerce works. If you want a competitive advantage Get the 30-day FREE trial now!

Play smart, keep the lead on your competitors!
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